Is it time to Refresh Your Website?

Wifi Many businesses are working from home right now. The good side of this is that you have no commute, you can get coffee refills fairly easily and you don’t have coworkers stepping up to your desk all day bothering you with gossip. Let’s admit it, you have a little extra time on your hands. How about looking at your website? This is a great time to write a new Blog post, make some edits to the site or redesign it all together.

Take advantage of this extra time to focus on your site. How about changing out the images?  Maybe updating some bio’s of your staff?  Is the contact email address or office address and phone number still correct? Making a few changes / updates would be good to freshen up your site. Does the About page of your corporate story include everything important that you want the public to know about your company?

Services? Maybe you created some new services or broadened current services to do more for your customer? Services need to be up to date so that your prospects know what corporate capabilities are available to them.  If you have prices on your Services, are those still correct? 

Colors on the website are very important.  Maybe its time to change the colors or at the minimum re-arrange the colors on the site? Move the colors from one area to another, but keeping the same colors on the site.  It will give the illusion of a new design.

These are all simple suggestions for you to consider to give your site a new look and feel.

Refresh the site! FinTel Communications can help you decide which is best and easiest to update to give your website a new look with little pain and effort.