Website Security Up to Date?

Wifi It’s easy to forget about your website.  You might see it every day, but do you remember to keep the “operating system” and “security” up to date?

Most websites are built on a Content Management System (CMS) of some type. Corporate level CMS operating systems offer “security” options to protect your site. Don’t forget to keep those security policies and operating systems current. WordPress is the CMS operating system that FinTel Communications uses to build many of our customer sites.  There are millions of “plugins” for doing anything on your website.  The “plugins” get changed frequently and need to be updated regularly.  

The operating systems and plugins could have security issues, if not monitored and updated. The big drawback is that you should have an experienced engineering team to do these upgrades.  Some developers of these plugins build in new and / or drastic changes that could affect the entire site design and format.

Contact your site developer and ask them for consultation on this.  Usually these firms like, FinTel Communications, offer site management to manage and monitor updates to plugins and operating systems. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and the investment will be well worth it.