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Sometimes the first contact you have with a new prospect is your website. First impressions are important. Communication with your site visitors is important. Designing your website is important to FinTel Communications.

FinTel Communications can help you communicate to your prospects and customers exactly what you want to say with a visually acceptable and easy to navigate website. The projects that we have designed for our customers have always received great reviews, check out our Testimonies.

Hosting (also known as website hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. More important than the computer space that is provided for website files is the fast connection to the Internet. Using a hosting service lets many companies share the cost of a fast Internet connection for serving files. FinTel Communications offers website hosting with many fast Internet connections and based in two data centers, on opposite sides of the country. FinTel Communications has access to as much Internet bandwidth that any customer would ever need, so speed isn’t a problem. Let FinTel Communications host your website today.

Beyond hosting your website on our server, there are security and software needs that must be maintained. Most of the websites we build are on a WordPress platform, a content management system built on an open source operating system. WordPress is constantly updated to improve performance and protect against possible security issues that “hackers” find so they can do harm to your website. This happens with ALL content management systems, whether it is WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal or others. We monitor and update to the newest versions of the operating system, content management system and supporting plugins as they are released. Monitoring the updates and security of ALL websites is an important part of the hosting services. Websites can’t just sit there, they need to be maintained.

Reach out to FinTel Communications today and let’s discuss your new website design.