Make sure your team stays productive while working from home… with MAXvoice

Staying connected, even when your work force is dispersed, could be the determining factor as to whether your business shrinks or grows. Use of a hosted phone service is crucial in positioning small to medium sized businesses so they can maintain or improve levels of productivity, especially during times like we are currently facing today.

The Value of Hosted Communications

Hosted communications enable your business to seamlessly transition into a full remote workforce, as well as supports any hybrid (home & office) decreased staff density scenario, without having to sacrifice time, costs, or customer satisfaction. Vantage Unified Communications’ MAXvoice offers a robust communications feature set, including a built-in web phone, team chat, desktop-to-desktop video, 4-digit dialing between team members – regardless of work location…all accompanied by unlimited live support from our Communications Concierge Team.

Communications Concierge Team

Vantage’s Communications Concierge Team presents a dedicated group of telephony specialists, available 24/7 to assist you with anything you need to ensure that you are getting the most out of your phone system. Our Concierge Team members become an extended part of your team, allowing your staff to focus on your business and customers, without the burden of phone-related issues slowing them down.


Having a distanced workforce will likely become normal for many businesses going forward. No matter where your employees are located, they can stay connected and continue to perform their typical business functions. With MAXvoice, users can use any internet-connected device as their work phone. This is ideal for people choosing to work from home full-time, as well as those that work in the field or are traveling.

Multi-Site Support

Whether your employees are spread out among multiple offices, multiple states, or they are working from home, they can connect and communicate just as if they were in the same building. With 4-digit dialing between team members or quick and efficient call handling/transfers, MAXvoice enables you to Communicate more even when apart. Learn more about how MAXvoice can help your business today by visiting us at